Our Memberships give access to discounted rates for massages and facials.  Upgrades (such as heated stones, extra time, or moving to a more advanced service) can be added for an additional cost per treatment.  Members get double loyalty points on select purchases, VIP events, special promotions, first dibs on new products, seasonal members-only gifts, product rewards, birthday gifts, and more.  

The Double Membership can be used for a massage and a facial, two facials, or two massages per month.  

Contact one of our front desk coordinators to sign up today. There is no initiation fee, and it can be used the day you sign up.  Memberships are non-transferrable to family or friends.  Member status is in contract form for 1 year, and after the year transfers to month-to-month status.  For more information, please call 770.947,8733 or email us at